Saturday, 1 June 2013


We have reached the second last day of ARTLAB, and there is still a lot of work to do. Everyone is on board to begin a series of rehearsals that will incorporate all the elements, with a priority of getting the robot to respond to the lines and fix any issues with sound recognition; and getting Stephanie to integrate with the performance.

One idea is to place a mask on Stephanie that mirrors the mask on Mrs Alving's robot and the face of the avatar.

The mask makes a connection between the robot, the avatar and the mocap operator, but is this enough?

More work is down to incorporate Stephanie into the performance, including her reactions and movements with Oswald, and her connection to the robot. As everything else starts to fall into place, it appears that the role of Stephanie in the mocap suit is the last thread. 

  • How can she work the avatar while connecting with the actors?
  • How can she move on stage or place herself in scenes when the avatar is not visible?
  • Is the mask working? 

The day is filled with a series of runs to refine the robots command sequences; get the sound levels correct; finalise the blocking of the actors; finalise the blocking of the mocap operator; getting the lighting states correct; and having Canada finesse her work with the controls. 

Tomorrow we show.

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