Saturday, 1 June 2013



The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived. After a year of research and experimenting, ARTLAB will show a 23 minute scene of GHOSTS; incorporating new technologies and new worlds into the realm of dramatic theatre.

But first ...

In true DIVA style, Mrs Alving has some noises to make. Not the kind of noises you want to hear on the final viewing day. The guys from the CISR attend to her demands and begin the day rectifying her sound issues and speakers. They dress her in the hoop skirt and give her eyes projected on to the mask, immediately creating a reality to the figure, and a human connection to the robot.

While the guys fine tune the star of the show, Kris focuses the lights and the actors go through the paces with Stephanie, so Canada can finalise her remote control movements and steer seemlessly through the 3D landscape.

We begin the final series of rehearsals and there is a buzz and sense of urgency in the room. Everything seems to be fitting into place.

At 4:00pm we will have 30 guests arrive to witness and survey the viewing, which will be followed by a question and answer portion to address the audiences' points of view.

At 3:00pm, the actors go back stage to get into costume and hair and makeup. During that time, Gorkem and Kim continue to battle it out on the role of Stephanie, who will not wear a mask after all, but given a whole lot more character and blocking directions. 

The technical crew are set.

Mrs Alving is ready for her close up.

The guests arrive and take their seats and given a survey which they will fill out at the conclusion of the run. Pre-show jitters take hold but everything is in readiness.

Below are a series of the weeks rehearsal videos leading to today's viewing and Q&A:

Artlab 5.1
Artlab 5.2
Artlab 5.3
Artlab 5.4
Artlab 5.5
Artlab 5.6

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