Thursday, 30 May 2013


Monday May 27: 

The ARTLAB crew return for their final week at the Deakin University Motion Capture Studios.

Today proved to be a complex day, with Pete being away and Canada having to take control of the remotes and camera angles, panning and cutting of the avatar and 3D world. Many things already set had to be re-adjusted and re-blocked which proved to be frustrating. 

The performers familiarised themselves with positioning and dialogue and commenced a series of rehearsals of the scene, while camera angles and positioning of the avatar were refined once again.

Most of the blocking remained the same, and there was little need for dramaturgy as the actors had memorised the script. 

worked closely with Stephanie to ensure the positioning of the avatar was working, and Gorkem worked with Canada on the camera angles. Meanwhile, Rob introduced a number of sound pieces and music to underscore the performance.

The first half of the day was spent rehearsing the scene and becoming familiar again with the blocking and stage directions. 

Gorkem started to develop the role of Stephanie, as an actor, and her role on stage. Stephanie would ideally represent Mrs Alving's conscience, almost like her shadow, or a representation of her memory.

After lunch Mrs Alving arrived, equipped with her new face and limbs and costume, and she was clearly looking more life-like in an attempt to create more empathy. Her mask mirrored the mask in the avatar world, and a closer connection between the robot and the avatar was being reached. 

While Matt connected the pieces to Mrs Alving, the actors continues to run through the scene and refresh themselves with their blocking.

As the day progressed, Canada became more confident with the controls and was able to start charting the changes according to the script, score and positioning of the actors. 

Timing was everything.

There needs to be more charting and stage management of the camera angles and their movement, so the information is written down and not in someone's head. This was the most frustrating part of the day; having all the information stored in the mind of the individual who was away meant there was nothing for a novice to follow. 

Traditional stage management notes are important.

Matt started to train Rob on operating Mrs Alving and the functions of her monitor, movements and sound. As Matt would not always be here, it was important to have someone become familiar with the operations.

At the conclusion of the day all the pieces started to fit into place, and a full run was done of the scene. 

Peter returned to the studio and was able to give Canada direction on the use of the controls. 

Matt and Rob continued to study the nuances of Mrs Alving and the actors lifted their energies to do a stronger run through. 

Things are taking shape.

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