Friday, 26 April 2013


Throughout the days, further exploration was done on the physical representations of the characters as refinements were made to the physical structure of Mrs Alving's Avatar, and the programming of Mrs Alving's Robot.

Gorkem and Matt programming. 
Gorkem and Matt programming 2. 

There was a sense of frustration in the time it was taking to program the robot. Those of us that had never worked with robots before, had to learn how long it takes to get results.

There was also a sense that the energy of the performance needed to be lifted to ensure that it did not become static.

The Actors went to great lengths to explore the many interactions that could be achieved throughout the scene.

Kim blocking the actors and Stephanie. 
Kim blocking the actors and Stephanie 2. 

There was a need for Steph to be more interactive with the Actors. Her role as a link between the Actors, the Avatar and the Robot was explored in great detail.

Gorkem and Matt from CISR continued with programming Mrs Alving and refining her movements and blocking sequences.

Blocking the Beats 
Blocking the Beats 2 
Blocking the Beats 3 

By the second week, the crews seemed to have pulled all their components together. There was a shift in the structure of the Avatar, and the robot was learning her lines. It seemed like a good time to start bringing all the pieces together to commence a run through of the scene.

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