Friday, 26 April 2013


We have finally reached a point when we can grab all our pieces and start to put the jigsaw together; the Actors, Steph in MoCap suit puppeteering the Avatar, Mrs Alving's robot, and the 3D virtual set.

The crew sit back and watch how this starts to play out; discuss the flaws, and strategize how to move forward. 

Mrs Alving, however, is proving to be quite the Diva.

Lights, Camera, Avatar. 
Lights, Camera, Avatar 2 
Lights, Camera, Avatar 3 

Some of the observations are:

  • We need new shifts to make the performance less static.
  • When the robot talks, the performance slows down.
  • We're experiencing sound problems; all actors need to be mic’d.
  • Step's role has been uncooked because of the time spent working with Mrs Alving robot. 
  • There are constraints in focus and energy.
  • We need to inject more energy.
  • We need to choreograph the use of the virtual camera.

Perhaps the actors should be talking to the robot as a robot, not as a human. That would be normal and not weird; people have robots standing in for them. While Kim and Gorkem spent considerable time with Steph in the early part of the development, as more time was needed with Mrs Alving, less focus was given to Steph and her important role in the piece as the human conduit between robot and avatar.

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