Sunday, 21 April 2013


On the morning of April 17, Gorkem talked over the storyboard for the avatar and the 3D virtual world with Kim Vincs of the Deakin Motion Capture Studio, the Actors and Designers.

Discussions took place about where Steph's avatar should be sitting in the virtual set according to the camera angles. At the beginning of the scene, Steph as the avatar will not be visible, but she will be in the house.


The Actors began working on an extension of the beginning of the scene, and we investigated incorporating atmospheric music into the beginning of the scene with the actors to increase the dramatic intensity.


It was decided that Mrs Alving’s Avatar will be standing in the doorway of the house looking out at the beginning of the scene. Steph will be standing next to Mrs Alving’s robot. A lot of focus was placed on where Steph moves and places herself on stage, and in turn, where the avatar is located on the screen.

We are experimenting with flipping the cameras so Steph can operate her avatar better, and so we can make the avatar larger and more imposing. There is a lot of balancing of the camera angles and positioning of the avatar in relation to the dialogue that needs to be worked through.


Kim is taking pictures to record where the angles of the avatar are. There appears to be the need to map the tables and chairs so the avatar is literally sitting on objects.

Canada (Production Manager) brought in major set pieces from the Opera Australia workshop in Footscray, including a large chair, a chaise lounge, carpets, a table, dining chairs and other pieces hired for the run.


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