Friday, 26 April 2013


In April, the ARTLAB crew returned to Deakin University Motion Caption Studio in Burwood, to continue our journey with Ibsen's Ghosts and the interaction of Avatars and Robots in a piece of dramatic theatre. 

On day one, the  Actors and director focused on the new translation of the script and the scene that would be worked on for presentation to an invited audience. 

While Steph (avatar puppeteer) was put into a MoCap suit, the Actors worked dramaturgically with the director, working through the beats of the scene.

The Actors then identified what their characters wanted from the other characters, and discussed physical representations of this in order to draft a physical and abstract version of the play, with Steph playing the lead character, Mrs Alving, that would eventually be represented by the robot and Steph's avatar.

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