Tuesday, 1 January 2013

ARTLAB 2. Wednesday November 21.


  • Break the script into chunks, read/rehearse, consider technology use, work up the scene. 
  • Do we need to get a bit 'Dogville' with the set in order to map it to the virtual world? 
  • Who has used this technology before in dramatic theatre?
  • We can not simply drive a camera through this world if we are tracking someone, we need to move the whole world in order to keep the coordinates of the person being motion tracked inside the onscreen scene.
  • What needs to be tracked in the scene?   
  • We need to look at cinematic camera technique. 

Calibration and Script work. 

Rehearsals 1.
Reharsals 2.


  • The avatars world could represent the past. 
  • We need some 3D children.
  • We need to stick to one avatar.
  • Do we need a game engineer?/programmer? 
  • We discussed different game engines/ shaders (3D model appearance) 
  • Are we building a game? 
  • Using Unity means we need a programmer.
  • DFL (Digital Labourers Federation) is a good place to find the people we need. 
  • We need to story board.
  • We need better, more cinematic camera controls.
  • We saw Sabrina (puppeteer of avatar) shift between puppeteer and actor.
  • Are the camera moves pre-recorded? 
  • It's working, but there are some technical issues.

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