Tuesday, 1 January 2013

ARTLAB 2. Tuesday November 20.


While we have a huge freedom it has to make sense. We all felt as though the avatar world was like a child's world, so what if the avatar was a child watching the present? Could the avatar be younger versions of the characters? Lets put sound in the environment, sound for mood. The avatar doesn’t have its purpose yet, its reason for being. The avatar is behind the screen…maybe that’s a problem?

Tracking and script reading.


Maybe the process that Robere Lepage uses to create work would be good for the making of this kind of show?  

The puppeteer and two actors appears to be the strongest iteration of the actor / avatar relationship we have come across yet.

We saw the father-daughter scene with the avatar as a little girl. We played it like he had abused her as a child, using both naturalistic and emotive sound. One actor chose to sometimes speak to the actor and sometimes to the avatar. 

We saw fog in the scene. Maybe the world is made of smoke and the character is more solid?

  • There are now 3 voices: the actor's, the avatar's, and the camera's. Can the mocap person become an actor? Yes, this is a good relationship.
  • Camera movement works well. Do we need a DOP?
  • Tanja likes more of a fantasy style, this is just literal enough.
  • We watched the scene in Unity, with snow and the house.
  • Craig thinks it's very computer game like.
  • Sound is powerful.

The designer builds the whole world then the director takes it, and rehearses in it.

Testing 1. 
Testing 2. 

We tried a Sharks tooth gauze test and saw smoke and fire, while more objects were created as we developed working with scale. After some testing and discussion on 2D projection we thought, what is the point? There is no point, so we scrapped it.  


  • Are we using technology for the sake of it?
  • Lets not projector map.
  • Should we look at transitions?
  • Would we benefit from taking a section and trying to work it up to completion?
  • Try props being tracked.
  • Try the inside rooms having a bit more of the outside world.
  • The actors need costumes.
    Sound really helped the actors.

Page 79: we decided to work with a section to 'realise it' and get a sense of whether our ideas were working or not. What is its link to the technology, what are the camera angles and how do they support what we are saying?


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