Tuesday, 1 January 2013

ARTLAB 2: Thursday November 22.


Blocking notes:
  • The camera pans around from outside the building to find the avatar listening at the door.
  • The avatar enters the room.
  • The camera pans around to see the interior room.
  • Puppeteer enters as an actor, when she leaves she becomes an avatar again.
  • He looks through the grill as her avatar.



Gorkem's introduction.

Question: what makes this worth doing is the relationship between the avatar and the real actor, also does the real world set need to make sense of the virtual set?

Viewing 1. 
Gorkem speaks about test 2.
Viewing 2
  • The size of the avatar could not be played with in this showing
  • The 3D is great for atmosphere - does it need the characters
  • The screen engulfs the viewer. Is the puppeteer's movement confusing? We are quite forgiving as an audience as long as we are not bored.
  • The power of dramatic work is seeing a change in the person. How does technology mediate or change this?

Post show discussion. 


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