Thursday, 14 June 2012


1. Chorus/conscience: An emmersive screen containing text, image, collage etc that actors react to or live in (abstraction).

  • What is the chorus’ role?
  • How does it manifest?
  • Chorus of ghosts (memory, Captain Alving, Johanne).
  • Virus.
  • Conscience.

2. Each character has its own technology:

  • What does it achieve/is its purpose?
  • What are the actor skills of each technology?
  • Which character suits each technology?
  • Technology can show characters duality or vis versa.
  • Media actors specifically as subconscious/subtext.
  • Who can speak to who?
  • Could be the character’s ghost or mini me?


1. Manders: He is all about how he is being perceived. A 'surveillance' camera and screen creature.

2. Mrs Alving: Robotic lamp or light source with screen on it. It can communicate with the other technologies. It tries to talk to the other actors but they don’t usually hear. It ticks and makes sounds, it plays music, it can project scenes.

3. Regine: An avatar version of her that looks like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress. This is a higher version of herself – it is what she wants to be.

4. Engstrand: The avatar is controlled by the actor. It can be seen and heard by different flesh actors and media actors. It is a chameleon avatar – it is only seen momentarily.

  • The technology doesn’t have to be humanoid.
  • It enhances the world.
  • It should be used to heighten the world.
  • These media actors need to be characters themselves.
  • They are functional.
  • This exploration works because it is a character-driven play.
  • They came across a bit like pets or natural extensions of the characters.

5. Actor/bot world versus avatar projection world.

Results of this exploration, were that it has the potential to reveal a fantasy/abstract world, but essentially placing this world on top of the dramatic work is no different from placing dancers with the actors on stage as they perform ‘naturalistically’. The question ‘why are the avatars there’ needs to be answered.

We agreed that we hadn’t really cracked this exploration. The flesh actors playing the play and the media actors playing as well could work.

6. Set in the future?

5. Explore all characters as media actors, including:
  • Captain Alving (could be house).
  • Osvald (the only character that is a robot, all others are human).
  • Regine (as only robot character).
  • Mrs Alving as robot.
  • Manders as robot.
  • Engstrand as robot.

Generally we found that making one character a robot, and all the others human, with their robot-ness being acknowledged by all, took away the human characters’ compassion for the robot character. There was also an element of human characters putting on a front for the robots so that the robots didn’t learn too much or try to take over. Lisa described this as an element of fear that exists around robot discourse, that they will not be able to be turned off.

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