Thursday, 14 June 2012

Some BIG questions.

  • Acting is about re acting, so the best way to make a robot like an actor is for it to have ten ways that it can say a line and it can choose which one to respond with.
  • Isn’t the script in narrative theatre the same as a robot is scripted? 
  • What is the use of something (like a robot) that is so rigid and the same every time?
  • Robots could be good for a chorus.
  • When is an avatar not an avatar?
  • Avatars are like ghosts.
  • We should imagine that we are creating a play for 50 years down the track, using these sorts of technologies, as then it might be normal in theatre. 
  • The bomb disposal guys in Iraq developed emotional attachments to their bomb detecting robots. A big question is how to make the audience empathise with these technologies. There’s something to learn from kids shows like Lassi and Skippy where we empathise with the animals.  
  • Non-humanoid robots are more interesting to use, because then it is about how people empathise with them. 
  • How can we make audience members empathise / emotionally bond with media actors?
  • How can we use technology to add something to the play, that actors can't do?
  • Are we simply trying to get the technology to do what actors already do?
  • What are the hurdles of media actors from an audience perspective?
  • How can a media actor communicate?
  • How can a media actor react to a human actor and an audience?
  • There needs to be an appearance of life.
  • The media actor needs to appear to express emotion.

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