Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ancient art of puppetry.

It became clear that the ancient art of puppetry has much to share with these investigations. How have puppeteers convincingly portrayed characters via inanimate puppet objects and induced empathy from audiences for centuries?

The correlation between technology/media and puppets is not one to brush over lightly. Early on in this investigation the Creative Director, Gorkem Acaroglu became aware that the operation of video projections on stage or remote control of a robot are really the same thing as operating a puppet. But just as we do not consider a wooden puppet to be an ‘actor,’ can we consider these robotic or virtual objects as actors? If they are operated by a human in real time then two humans are essentially ‘acting’ together through an object. So while the determination of technology/media puppets is a useful one, and helps us understand when technology/media is not acting, it does not answer the question of when it is. 

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