Sunday, 17 June 2012

Installation ideas.


While working dramaturgically on the play, it was difficult to resist temptation to turn the work into a performance installation. A piece of immersive theatre, located in a building where audiences move from room to room to witness scenes out of order was proposed and we all got very excited about this possibility. It was suggested that it be in a building, that the scenes take place in different rooms as a series of two-handers and the audience can view them in any order. Scenes could be between an actor and a robot or an actor and an avatar or two robots, and scenes could be performed in different actor configurations. For example human Manders could speak to human Mrs Alving in one room then go into another room and speak to Mrs Alving robot (the same scene) and the audience could keep following him to another version etc. 

By Thursday we realised that by allowing audiences to see scenes out of order of the intended dramatic text, we were altering a dramatic theatre fundamental. Ben also pointed out that it would shift audiences’ capacity to suspend their disbelief and might not really test the capacity for audience to empathise with media actors. 

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